Solving difficult business problems for the Insurance and Financial Services Industry.

Madden Financial Group, LLC (“MFG”) has provided consulting services to the insurance and financial services industry since 1998.


Do you have a business problem that is bugging you, that you must fix?

Are you feeling exposed, uneasy about a segment of your operation or business?

Is it costing you to much to delay working on these business problems? Can you afford to wait?

Would you like to get started fixing your business problems now, but do not have the time or skill sets available?

We can help!

Madden Financial Group specializes in diving into problems, vs. running away.

We are good at getting to the root of business problems, identifying solutions and working with you and your team to get the solution implemented.

Our approach is cooperative, we are not interested in embarrassing anyone, and we have a track record of not leaving any dead bodies in our wake.

Madden Financial Group likes to fix things and make our clients problems go away!

Can we help you?

Our focus is in financial management, with an emphasis on financial systems which have cash transactional and financial reporting implications. We excel at developing and improving existing systems to improve workflows, internal controls and the quality of reporting information used for decision making.

Madden Financial Group prides ourselves on dealing with tough and challenging assignments. We understand that our role is to fix problems, yet just as important is our ability to train, mentor and transfer work processes to the your your permanent team, so they be effective after we are gone.

We recognize that all of our clients have opportunities to improve performance, lower costs and change the way they do things to meet customer needs and deliver services effectively. We would like to help you as well.

MFG has been engaged to: improve internal controls, improve financial reporting, re-energize projects “not meeting expectations”, solve critical business problems, and proactively build internal controls and reporting into new product and system initiatves.

Our roles have ranged from pure financial reporting and analysis, to project management, to Financial Business Lead, and to troubleshooting and resolving complex business problems. Often we work as a liaison between the Business Unit Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) and Information Systems representatives to communicate and monitor project implementation results. We have worked successfully with numerous Information Systems / Information Technology teams.

MFG works with companies small to large. We have noted that our biggest value add involves companies who have capable staff, yet do not have the time to dedicate and focus on the specific problem at hand. We work with those professionals as a resource to get the problem addressed and resolved, that can be as a project lead or catalyst, or back fill of day-to-day management and operations, you decide what works best in your situation.

The lengths of our projects have ranged from quick assessments to full implementation assistance. We work with clients whenever there is a need to improve operational efficiencies, upgrade or “refine” existing automated systems, or process improvement.

The benefits of working with us includes improved efficiencies, reduced costs, improved internal controls, more efficient workflows, improved financial reporting and key measure scorecards and information systems which are financial and control sufficient.

Let Madden Financial Group help you today!

Call Tim at 513-474-4428 to discuss what issues are keeping you from achieving your goals.

We look forward to understanding your needs and helping your team achieve solutions.

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